More than an NFT.
More than a token.

welcome to n¥on district

The premier adult playground of web3.
We are so excited we are to show all of you what we have in the works.

Phase 1: Tokens

From the red-light district in Amsterdam to the Las Vegas strip, neon signs illuminate the places that never sleep. Our NFTs will do the same in the metaverse, the real world and in the minds of our holders. Provocateur, deviant or hustler, we have a place for you.

metaverse ready

Not a buzzword

Every N¥ON NFT is a complete metaverse, augmented reality and game ready asset. This isn't about PFPs. express yourself and flex that you were an OG for N¥ON district.

Access all areas

Not just a token

Whether you hold 1 or 100 N¥ONs, you are granted access to N¥ON district - an adults only corner of web3 and the world. Between our online districts and our future IRL bars, clubs, events and store. You are always a VIP.

advanced tokenomics

Well done utility

Although it's the wrong way to serve steak: when it comes to staking, well done is the only way it should be executed. Staking your N¥ON will earn our native token which can be exchanged for NFTs, content, merchandise and products from the N¥ON distract platform and store.

Complete token whitepaper coming soon.

Phase 2: Districts

N¥ON district, our web and mobile app will break down the barriers between web3 and adults only content and products.


Through the integration of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and NFTs we can create a platform that is not only more fun for users due to our technological innovations and upcoming partnerships but more profitable for content creators that may ensure an ongoing source of income for years to come, furthermore, through use of our platform, pesky companies and governments can never freeze the creator’s content or their funds. N¥ON Red will be the first of our districts to open.


 in recent years the wonders of natural and psychedelic medicines have started to become more accepted. Even so, there are still many places where they are still illegal and chronically understudied. N¥ON Green will provide a platform for the trading of information on the best practices, a development fund for encouraging research and a network that empowers individuals and organisations to further the legalisation and use of these medicines. 


Here at N¥ON, we believe that bodily autonomy is the most sacred of rights to the sovereign individual; therefore, it’s only natural that we are massive fans of biohacking and body modification. Whether you want to have a small tattoo, enhance your curves with implants or split your tongue we believe in your rights to do so. We also believe deserve to do this as safely as possible; this includes not only highlighting the practitioners of these arts through our platform but also educating the community on the associated risks, physical, societal and psychological.

Have something to offer?

We are constantly on the lookout for talent across all industries to employ, contract and commission. Sling us a line.

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